We promise to build your

bella figura.

Belén and Giannina's Italian heritage taught them to love family and friends, work hard, being nice, and make a good first impression. These core values are implemented in our work. The sister duo was inspired by their family.

In our studio, clients are friends. We use good design and communication strategies to help businesses and creators reach their audience and make them stay building meaningful connections.


La Bella Figura is an Italian concept referring to a way of living: authentic, nice, well-behaved, good aesthetics.

It's about looking and being your best.




A good first impression will attract your ideal client, meaningful content will make them stay



The audience knows best: they know when you're faking it. A brand that doesn't practice what they preach is one destined to fail.
The core values of each project are important to trace a relevant communication strategy.

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Each visual message has little time to catch the audience's attention. In the social media era, where everything is fast and ever-changing, we strive to catch the target at one glance and make them stay. Give a good impression.

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Communication with no values is useless. Aesthetics with no communication strategy, too. We use the basic concepts of communication to trace strategies that can be translated into content, visual messages, and meaningful connections with each target. Make them stay.


APPLEPEACH was founded by art director Belén Ladaga after five years of working freelance. The goal of the studio is to work with freelancers to suit every project's needs. We work with both big and small clients, adjusting every plan to the existing needs and focusing on two pillars: aesthetics and strategy. Her sister Giannina joined to help with management and accounting.

Belén studied Communication Science at UBA (Univerity of Buenos Aires), from where she inherited the ability to trace communication strategies based on insights and data. She then got a Master's Degree in Art Direction in Spain. Meanwhile, she worked as Brand Manager for a pharma lab and worked freelance for a vast spectrum of clients including Municipalidad de Los Molles, Cultivar Agro, Saltalamacchia, and many more.

About Us


Conferences & Teaching by Belén:

- Conferencia "¿Cómo y quién es tu marca?" - Universidad de Palermo 2016.

- Conferencia "La Importancia de la Identidad Visual en los Proyectos Musicales" - Universidad de Palermo 2018

-Encuentro de Tesinas - UBA 2019

-Tutorías Virtuales - Facultad de Ciencias Socials - UBA 2020