Branding helps you find who you are —it does. It might seem like something you know or something you don't really care about knowing. But whenever I ask my clients "who your business is?" they always give vague answers or go for the safe answer: we sell 'x' thing.

A brand is way more than the products you sell.

Knowing who your brand is leads to the opportunity of knowing your values, what you stand for, and the best way to connect with your audience. At the end of the day, you're focusing on your branding to grow and establish your business, right? Creating meaningful connections with the target turns them into fans, not just occasional customers.

Knowing who you are as a business is much more than simply knowing what you sell. It's about your symbolic value, your unique selling proposition, the audience you're speaking to. Do you know why are you choosing you over the others? Why should them?

On my personally crafted process, when we start working on your brand, the foundations for any project are a series of questions, sentences, and ideas that make you refine and understand why are you doing what you're doing and for who— You might start having zero idea of what are we talking about, but that's the reason you're here, right? You will start making (the right) questions.

Starting to brand a business without asking these key questions is a waste of time and won't give you a long-time solution for your business because the foundations are not there... and what's a building without a strong foundation?

Thus why, when working together, we don't only create a compelling brand, a great brand message, and a pretty identity. We define who your business is: through a simple slogan or a logo, we define the who, the why, and the what.

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