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We're lucky enough to have worked for many projects from the equestrian world. Personally, I find myself falling in love with horses more and more, the way they move, their overall aesthetic is absolutely magnificent. What it's interesting about this world is how classy and elegant is, yet a little bit conservative when it comes to design.

Recently we started a rebranding for horse medicine and we took a risk. If you ever pay attention to pharma's branding, they're usually very boring, plain, and lacks personality. We decided to shift this and dive deep into the stables aesthetic to collect some inspiration.

We had a shooting for this work last Sunday and, let me tell you, it was messy. We chose that day because it wasn't supposed to rain (weather channel, I blame you) and the very first couple of hours were pretty fine, but then from the middle of nowhere a thunderstorm started and we were IN THE MIDDLE of our shooting. Yeah, you can imagine the rest lol. Our car got wet and dirty, but at least we saved the equipment!

Photo Credit / MountainHorse - Town And Country - Male Models - Studio Eligray

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