Our Content Creation Service, Explained.

Content Creator seems to be that overused adjective to describe a vast list of people who don't really know what they do, but don't want to be mere "influencers". The rise of social media was also the rise of the Instagram bios with the "content creator" label. But, is this just a nicer way to say "influencer"? Does "content creator" actually mean something?

Yes, it does. It means more than you think.

Content creation is a form of communication. It's a way to deliver information of any kind through visual elements such as photos, graphics, newsletters, and more.

For content to be precise and effective, it should be based on clear communication objectives and a strong strategy. If you want to sell more, you will probably need something different than someone who needs to raise brand awareness. Creating content for the mere act of doing it will not give you any results.

Content can be a newsletter (we are in charge of SPE's newsletter), social media content, video, graphic design, photo, stationery, and more.

Gif Content for Milking Campaign.

Dive deep into our Content Creation workflow:


We start the process with you. What do you do? What are your needs? What's your audience? The most important thing when starting a content plan is to focus on your specific goals: maybe you're launching a new product, creating brand awareness, or any other.


Once we established the businesses' goals, we start researching your target audience to know what they like, what they do, what they believe. This will enable us to find insights to use as base and pillars for the communication strategy.

Once the plan and strategy are finished and approved by the business (you!) and on those cases where the content is digital, we plan the calendar for the month (or week, depends on you).


Once we have everything sorted out, we start producing the content. We design, shoot, print, and edit everything we need in order to deliver the perfect content.


Content creation packages deliverables include:

  • The Finished Content.

  • Strategy and communication guidelines.

  • Voice Tone (if applicable).

  • Content Calendar Plan (if applicable).


You create content for social media, right?

Whether social media is the most used platform for content, it isn't the only focus of us. We create content for events (stationery, videos), printed design (promotions, cards, brochures), and campaigns. It's up to your needs.

If you create content for my Instagram, do you post it?

It depends on you. You can choose the ONLY CONTENT Package that doesn't include community managing. We do the strategy, calendar and content and deliver everything for you to post (or to your community manager).

The MANAGER AND CONTENT Package includes the community manager service. This means we do everything for you.

The ONLY CONTENT plan is ideal for a business that already has a community manager and established team, but it's needing extra help in design and production.

I don' have social media, what can you do for me?

Content is communication, you can communicate everywhere: by email, sending a postcard, printing a brochure. For small businesses, we usually do printed materials such as calendars, catalogs, or photography, video, and more. It's up to your imagination (and ours). We're here to help you.

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