Leche Pura, Salud Sin Riesgo


Leche Pura, Salud Sin Riesgo (pure milk, safe health) is a UBACYT project made within the University of Buenos Aires. The goal was to find the best way to spread good dairy practices in a rural environment, where internet access is limited and technologies are not always the most advanced.

We worked on three key elements: a how-not-to guide on books, a canvas poster with the steps of the routine to hang on the farm, and a micro-site from which to download the e-book and request the poster.

The poster was printed on a recycled plastic surface, easy to hang in a farm environment where mud, water, and other organic materials could stain it. Plastic is easy to clean, easy to store, and it lasts longer than a regular paper poster.​​​​​​​


Editorial, Content Creation (Poster + Mailing + Microsite + Flyers)


Direction, strategy, and design by Applepeach

Photos by Juliana López

Considering there isn't great and constant connection on the farms, we needed to focus on a light way to carry information, this is why we chose e-book and physical book. For this, the authors chose to point out the "not-to-do" instead of "to-do" steps, reason why the editorial design was done with two different colors in its palette to separate the right from the wrong: green for the right, orange for the wrong.