Generosity Changes Everything

Kirsten from The Bay Area Foundation wrote me when she found herself stuck thinking and planning the organization's yearly theme. They use a key concept each year. This year being "generosity", she was lost about how to execute the design and create a visual world for the theme.

Using the natural generosity from kids and the giving spirit of nature, I created a visual identity based on a key element: the sun, as the natural element that brings joys and light without expectation of return. The color green is one of BAF brand colors, to keep a reference to the foundation, and the light yellow bring light and warmth to the identity. The fonts were meant to be young yet serious, readable, and human.


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"Belen was great to work with. She provided a timeline and stuck to it--no delays, and I always knew when and what to expect from her. She was happy to make final changes even after sending over the final changes. Thanks, Belen!"