Acción AV

ACCIÓN AV is a digital space aimed to communicate facts, news, and tips regarding environmental care. Their main audience is young people interested in sustainability and globar warming who don't have enough access to reliable and scientific sources of information.

For the inspiration, we decided to go for something a little different than the green-and-leafy designs usually related to nature projects. We gather nature inspiration, too, but from the dessert instead of the fields or forest. For this, we chose a color palette inspired by Arizona. 
As its audience is young people, the chosen type was san serif for a youngish image and because they are easy to read in a quick Instagram check-up. The basic shapes are round as sand mountains. 


Branding, Social Media


Direction, strategy, and design by Applepeach

We created a guide for the AV team explaining how to make the perfect Instagram post using the templates we created for them. Since they decided to use images and text, we needed to be extra clear with the instructions.