APPLEPEACH studio was born out of the need to help young businesses to hook and communicate their ideas. Sometimes, all you need to get the client is a killer presentation design... I got you. Using traditional and elegant design to create compelling graphics and brands, I work with you to go and get the client.

The branding approach is focused on creating emotional, elegant brands with traditional soul, honoring traditions to elevate and create more than just a pretty aesthetic.


Conferences & Teaching by Bele:

→ Conferencia "¿Cómo y quién es tu marca?" - Universidad de Palermo 2016.

→ Conferencia "La Importancia de la Identidad Visual en los Proyectos Musicales" - Universidad de Palermo 2018

→Encuentro de Tesinas - UBA 2019

→Tutorías Virtuales - Facultad de Ciencias Socials - UBA 2020

Some Clients:

→ SanCor

→ Cultivar Agro

→ Estancia Santa Lamacchia


→ Los Molles, San Luis

→ Ask for more!

—A design studio for the young brand with traditional soul.


—My Team.

Juliana Lopez Torres (Assistant)

Iván Pisani (Social Media)

Hola! My name is Bele Ladaga, I'm an art director and head of APPLEPEACH. I founded the studio after five years of working freelance. I'm a huge fan of museums, live music photos, and books. Oh, also bread. I love bread.

I studied Communication Science at UBA (Univerity of Buenos Aires), from where I inherited the ability to trace communication strategies based on insights and data. Then got a Master's Degree in Art Direction in Spain. I've worked as Brand Manager for a pharma lab and worked freelance for a vast spectrum of clients including Municipalidad de Los Molles, Cultivar Agro, Saltalamacchia, and many more.

The young brand dreams big, works hard, and plays nice.

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—A design studio for the young brand with traditional soul.

Design inquiries:
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